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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

I help businesses streamline their daily work life, making it more organised and efficient and letting them focus on the important tasks of their business instead of getting clogged up in paperwork and data files.

I have specialised in the development of Client Relationship Management systems using FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro is a multi-platform database application for web, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac users. Whether your team is large or small, it’s easy to share your important business information over a network or on the web.

My services include:

• design and development
• programming
• scripting
• layout design
• updating of existing databases
• and much more

We can start from scratch or we can help you modernise and extend your existing Client Relationship Management system.

Let me show you how to make your enterprise more organised, efficient, and profitable – while empowering your staff to work as a more closely-knit team to better serve your clients.

Other Services

  • FileMaker database hosting*
  • FileMaker Pro Application*
  • installation of FileMaker Pro application and FileMaker Go on all your devices

* These services are available through third party companies I work with regularly.


The CRM Development Process



It will start with a meeting to establish a brief of what you want to achieve and to determine the purpose of the CRM. I will ask you a number of questions as well as look into your existing processes. It is important for me to understand what you do and how you manage it in order to set up a database concept that will ensure effectiveness and functionality. The gathering of information includes details such as product name and order number etc. The more detail I can get the better it is for planning. Once I am confident I have got a good overview and the required details I will continue to the concept phase.



I will create a concept based on the brief and most likely I will contact you for further information while I work my way through the information provided. First I will dissemble your current processes into major subjects and will re-build them into a logical data structure. Next I will determine the relationships between the different data subjects. As I drill down through the provided details I will analyse it for errors and refine the concept continuously. This process will be documented in an entity-relationship model (ER diagram).

Usually I will also set up a sample of a CRM with some fields to be able to show you what is possible and how it works on the various devices you may want to use with your CRM.

The concept phase is the most important step and we will only continue when I am confident that the concept is aligned with your goals and you are 100% happy to proceed.



In this stage I will start programming your CRM. I will also regular meet with you and your staff to gather additional details and information and to show you the progress of the CRM. As we progress along you will find yourself discovering new opportunities.



Once I have completed a section, I will test it extensively with example data on various devices. This is an ongoing process throughout the programming.



Depending on the size and complexity of your CRM you maybe able to start using completed sections, while I still continue to program further sections. This is a great way of getting familiar step by step with your new CRM. If this is the case I will import any existing data if possible, test again and of course provide the necessary training to you and your staff.

Even if your CRM is deployed in one step only I will ask you for real data at an earlier stage to allow me to complete testing with real data as well as developing import scripts for the time your new CRM is ready to go live.



When your CRM is ready to use (partial or in full) I will provide you with training on all the available features of your new CRM. In addition to the training session you will also find a Help section in your CRM that can be looked up at any time. The Help section explains in simple terms the functionality and features and also allows you to make your own annotations and/or adding help articles.



Once I have completed the programming, data import and testing and we have conducted the training I will officially handover the CRM to you. In the following days and weeks I will be readily available to answer questions and assist with any queries you or your staff may have.


I will always be available to support you and your staff with any of your questions about your CRM, no matter what. For this you can either request ad-hoc support as and when required or we can set up an support contract to suit your needs.

Over time you may also discover new opportunities and/or your business may evolve and you may want to add further functionality and features. Or you simply have new staff and you would like another training session. Regardless of whether you choose ad-hoc support or a support contract, I will always be happy to assist you.


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